Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunshine and Fresh Air

Thursday and Friday last week we had some unexpected days off as a snowstorm came through.  It was really nice to get those days because I typically find myself taking advantage and not doing any of the things I am usually doing on a "regular" day.  We got outside a good amount both days (and then Saturday and Sunday as well) so it felt really good to get so much fresh air.  It's been a tough winter stuck indoors and I am anxiously awaiting warmer temperatures consistently.  
"Mom! My foot is stuck in the tree!"

On Saturday was the local Seaside Heights St. Patrick's day parade and I decided to go with my parents being that it was warming up a bit.  Colin generally does ok with loud noises but it just depends on the venue and what is happening in regards to whether or not he gets upset. 

Kailey was grumpy when we got our spot because she was cold and hungry and complaining "just because" but eventually warmed up once she realized she was getting candy from the parade participants.

Colin was really excited once the parade actually started but got upset when the line of 25+ fire trucks came through first blaring their horns.  Once that was over, he was really into the pipe bands and marching bands. 

At one point he started marching, looked back and me, and the said "bye mom! See you later!". 

Since the temperatures got up to 50 degrees and felt like a heat wave, I took the kids with our friend over to the boardwalk to take a walk for a little bit.  It was nice to be up there but it was a little bit windy and Cody didn't like that part too much.  The kids had fun trudging through the snow piles up there. 

It was so great to get out into the fresh air and sunshine so much this weekend!

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Eileen said...

Love the pictures! The kids look wonderful! The boardwalk looks so cold with all the snow on it! Thank you for sharing!