Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Kailey!

Our beautiful little lady turns 4 years old today! She has grown into such a "big" little girl and we are so proud of the special person she has become...we are so excited to celebrate her day with her today!


Kailey has brought so much love and happiness into our lives along with her spunk, sass, and vibrant personality. We are constantly in awe of how much she truly loves both of her brothers and because of the ways she really takes care of them.  Even before she says good morning to Chris and I, she runs to find Cody to wish him a good morning. She has really become such a great friend to Colin and has helped him grow so much socially, even in some ways, more than Chris and I have facilitated.  She has become his biggest cheerleader, motivator, and friend.  She is the boss and leads any activity and really has such an imagination that most activities between her and Colin turns into an adventure. 

Kailey is all girl and really into typical girly things like princesses, dolls, accessories, and wearing dresses as often as possible.  She's often accessorizing, even for bed, with rings, necklaces, purses, hair bows, etc. She is really funny and the things that come out of her mouth often crack us up.

It's great that she has her own room now because it often takes her a solid hour before she starts to fall asleep and settle down for the night after going to bed. We started a new hashtag on instagram and facebook called #gotobedkailey because she's become a pain, although entertaining, after she's "settled" for the night. 

Happy birthday to our Kailey girl; we couldn't ask for a more loving daughter and sister for our family and we are so thankful she is such an important part of our family.  We look forward to watching her grow over the next year...

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