Monday, March 16, 2015

Cody is 6 Months!

On Thursday, on Kailey's birthday, Cody turned 6 months old! 

We still have to take him for his 6 month check up, but he has certainly hit a growth spurt recently.  When we started him in the 6 months clothes a few months back, everything seemed so big on him but all of a sudden, it seems like we are squeezing him into most one piece outfits or onesies.  I am starting to put him in some 9 month one pieces and although they are big on him, they aren't huge either.  He seems to be in no hurry to be on the move yet and although he CAN roll in either direction, he isn't rolling consistently or all over the place yet (not that we are complaining).

He really is a happy baby, but the end of the day is tough because he really just wants to be held and get attention, but we typically don't get home until later due to the activities of Colin and Kailey.  Most days we walk in the door and it's a rush to get dinner on the table while spooning food into Cody's mouth.  Once he has eaten, he is usually pretty happy until bed time which seemed to have formed itself.  By 6:30, Cody is ready to go to bed and he is usually out within 5 minutes.

He's been incredibly curious lately and inspecting his hands, toys, etc. If you have a phone anywhere near him, he immediately tries grabbing at it.

He is up for the top position of the smiliest baby we've had yet. It doesn't take much to get a big toothless grin from this baby and it's my favorite thing about him yet.

We just love this little boy so much! We can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!

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