Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Holidays are Here!

There really is nothing quite like the holiday season, especially when the kids understand what is happening.  EVERYTHING to them is something to marvel at or get excited over and it really starts to bring back those feelings for me that I used to have when I was younger.  The holidays have always been an exciting time, but the magic really returns with the kids involved.  It's so nice to have so many wonderful things going on through the month of December to help deal with all of the other things in life that are so challenging and bring on so much stress. 
To kick off the holiday season, I brought the kids to see Santa at Colin's Karate school.  While Colin DID sit on Santa's lap last year, he was extremely nervous and it was short lived.  Even at the mention of seeing Santa this year, we got a lot of "no! I don't want to" from him because I just don't think he knew what to expect.  These are very typical responses for Colin when he just doesn't know or is uncomfortable about something he might not fully understand.  Chris was away with work and so I had my parents come to help not knowing who would interact with Santa, who would need me, and so on.  It was a big help that it was at Colin's Karate school since he is comfortable with the location and he had time to warm up to being there before Santa even arrived.  We were actually in the bathroom when Santa walked in ringing bells and their faces lit up and they ran out of the room.   

Kailey seemed really nervous at first, but Santa cautiously walked over and very calmly started talking to her and then she warmed up enough to give him a hug. 

I honestly thought Colin was going to have a hard time until he warmed up and got used to Santa being in the room.  He actually surprised me and he didn't get upset at all and when it was his turn, very happily walked over and gave Santa a hug.  I think Santa was extremely helpful in how he approached the kids and got down to their level when talking to them. 

He was so happy to see him and there was not one tear or nervous look on Colin's face which was great progress for him!

Santa then went and sat in his chair and we waited on line for the kids to actually sit on his lap.  They ran right over and climbed up so I didn't have any difficulty in getting a picture with him. 

Even Cody cooperated so that I could get a picture of all three together with Santa!

Kailey easily answered that she wanted a "dolly" for Christmas but I am not sure that Colin really understands that telling Santa what you want means that he will bring a gift and leave it under the Christmas tree.  We're getting there though!

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