Sunday, December 7, 2014


I'm sitting here with the Christmas lights glowing, the leftover little mess from a filled house of family, and three little kids sleeping away a busy weekend feeling very happy and "filled".  My family celebrated a combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas and my parent's 35th wedding anniversary on Saturday since my one brother and his family will be spending their Christmas traveling.  It's very true what they say that the holiday doesn't always have to be celebrated on the specific day as long as you are all together.  

We had a really great time together and the kids got their very first taste of opening presents.  They were so excited but still understand that Christmas is a few weeks away. 

Kailey received an Elsa dress and has barely taken it off since.  She even wore it to the basketball game today because I really decided I just needed to pick my battles. It seemed pretty silly for me to say no when she just loves it so much (and there really is no reason!). 

We had a great feast and it was so nice to have all 13 of us around the table together. 

We took our series of annual family pictures even though Cody wasn't up for cooperating in the beginning.  We love our serious and then silly family photos!

We also celebrated my parent's 35th wedding anniversary.  We are really lucky to have such a great example of selfless, true love in my parents.  

After the little kids went to bed, we finished the night off with a fun game.  There seriously is nothing better than a lot of love and laughter surrounding one table.  It was a very Happy Thanksmas!


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