Saturday, October 18, 2014

31 for 21 Day 17: Great Grammy

I sat down just now to catch up on this post and started looking for certain pictures from the Polar Bear Plunge from last February when I stumbled across this picture in the folder.  Seeing it made me quite emotional as we just lost my Grammy back in June.  It was hard for my family because up until a few months before her passing she was actually quite healthy and as many people would describe her, spunky. 
I've always had a very close relationship with Grammy and was extremely grateful for the support that she has always had for me through all of my years of growing up, and then even more so into my adult years.  After Colin was born, we had quite a few emotional conversations discussing his diagnosis.  She had a hard time with this when she found out but being the religious person that she was, knew that Colin was a gift given to Chris and I from God.  From day one on, she called him "our little boy" and was proud to tell all of her friends about her great grandson who had Down Syndrome.  Despite the fact she was in her late 80s, she always read the blog on a regular basis and would call her friends from the complex into her house to watch the latest "Colin videos" or to show them new pictures of him that I would put up.  She loved to brag about all of the things that he was doing.  She loved Colin so much and I am so thankful that Colin and Kailey had the opportunity to know her, even for the short time that they did.  The last thing she ALWAYS said to me was "I'll be praying for Colin, Kailey, Chris and you" and "I love you". 

Love you and miss you Grammy...

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Marietta said...

Having a granny that prays for you all and loves each unconditionally and obviously proud of them is such a gift!