Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 for 21 Day 14: A Boy and His Baby

While Colin is not interested in Cody for the lengthy periods of time that Kailey is, when he IS interested, he is incredibly sweet and gentle with him.  He always initiates asking to hold him when he is ready and loves to give him lots of kisses and hugs.  It is quite evident that he has been observing all of our interactions with Cody because when he does hold him or talk to him, it is very similar to the ways in which Chris and I do.  

Right now Colin is in a big "I do" or independent stage so we do have to keep our eyes open at all times when he goes up to Cody because he has tried to pick him up once or twice on his own (one time was when he told me he wanted to help me give Cody a bath; I started to walk away thinking Colin would follow to fill the bath when he retreated to actually pick Cody up to bring him).  Thankfully, this has only happened once or twice and he will otherwise leave him alone (plus we don't actually leave Cody alone with Colin and Kailey just because I am afraid they WILL try to pick him up). 

It's been really enjoyable watching him love on his little brother and I look forward to seeing how this changes as they both get older.  Looking forward to seeing the bond form between the three of them...

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