Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 for 21 Day 15: Cody is 1 Month!

Part of the reason why I post about things other than just Colin and Down Syndrome during Down Syndrome Awareness month is because I want to show that life is actually quite normal.  Down Syndrome is not the focus of our life every moment of every day. 

Our new little boy Cody just turned 1 month on Friday!  It's hard to believe that THAT much time has passed since having a third child and in many ways, he hasn't really changed our lives too much (although I am sure that will change!).  There are always the moments where all three need something at the same time, but for the most part, he just slid right into our life as it was. 
Cody has still been sleeping a good amount during the day but spends more and more time alert and awake.  We've all gotten our share of smiles and coos and we all love it when we are on the receiving end (especially Kailey). 

He only gets up once at night which generally falls between 3 and 4 am.  They are pretty decent stretches of sleep because he generally eats last around 9:30pm.  We are lucky because he pretty much eats and then goes right back to sleep so we don't have to fuss around with him too much to get him back to sleep (you do realize I have totally jinxed this by writing about it, right?).  The downside is that although he's in his room already, we have him in his bouncy seat in the crib because he's still spitting up a good amount so we aren't very comfortable with laying him down (even if the mattress is on a slant) after eating.  I think he's dealing with some reflux issues (Colin was very similar), although this has definitely improved over the past month.  

He's been trying really hard to lift his head up and actually does a really good job with it.  He only likes "tummy time" if he's laying on you because otherwise he gets really annoyed with it when he tires out. 

He's made us so happy since he's been home and we look forward to watching him grow and change with time.  We are so lucky that he has rounded out our family the way he has and are already so thankful for the blessings he has brought us...

There is no denying how loved he is!




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