Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Happenings

This summer has been a bit different than the ways in which I have traditionally spent my days both with the kids and without.  For as long as I have been living at or vacationing to the beach, I hated missing beautiful days spent at the beach and have spent every day there, or as many as were possible.  

However, this summer I have actually tried to change it up a little bit due in part to how I have been feeling some days and just because I have learned that it doesn't always work for the kids to go every day.  While I am feeling Ok for the most part (I actually feel the best at the beach, especially when I am in the cool salt water), it's been nice for us to try some different things/adventures and then give us a little bit more rest time in the afternoons at home. 

Zac Brown Band Concert with Jorie and Zach
 We still try to hit the beach as much as possible because it is one of the most tiring activities the kids participate in, but we have also spent some days in the backyard in the pool or sprinkler. 

Backyard play
 Colin's school program this summer has allowed us some flexibility because it is only 2 hours a day/4 days a week so he is getting off of the bus by 10:20 every day.  For the most part, getting on and off the bus has been going really well (even this morning when we were still in the house when the bus pulled up and we had to run outside). 

An ongoing issue we have still been dealing with is his behavior and it still has a lot to do with his communication.  Yesterday's note just said that he had trouble keeping his hands to himself, but there wasn't much detail on the events themselves (typically it's silliness towards other kids or in response to an action directed at him he doesn't like [which doesn't have to be physical]) and some days there have been notes that implied his transition skills weren't the best (I have a feeling THAT is going to be an issue for a long time).  Last week we had some really great behavior days and then since Saturday they've been more on the opposite side (someone mentioned the possibility of molars coming in and some of his actions have shown that it is a possibility). One day left me crying and then as soon as he saw me crying all he wanted to do was comfort me and make it better.  So, just as we always say, we just keep on trudging through...

His new preferred activity is "cwimbing" up on everything, including my French doors when they are shut.  He runs around and jumps on and off things and will climb to the top of the back of the couches.  Obviously I have to control this a little bit at home but it also makes me really happy to see how strong he's been getting. 

 With Colin at school, I've gotten a little more alone time with Kailey which she enjoys but she also asks where Colin is or when he will be home. 

I've tried story/craft time at the library which was a fun change in addition to a music class that we tried there as well.  They enjoy the different activities and I am reminded that they are always learning in these situations. 

Lots of fun playdates too!
 We've done family walks/runs at the local reservoir...

But no matter what we do, it's still always nice when we make it back to the beach again. 

...especially when Daddy is there with us!

We've also joined a new club this summer....the minivan club!  With our expanding family, it was time but I still laugh some days when I realize that I am driving a minivan (but I DO love it actually). 

Chris and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  

And, we also celebrated my sister Kim's birthday out at my favorite bar...


We've done rides at the boardwalk with friends...

...and have overall, just tried to make the most of our days together. 


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Becca said...

Summer just goes too quickly!! Love seeing the kids (and your stomach!) grow - can't wait to meet the new addition! :-)