Saturday, July 26, 2014

NJM, the SONJ, and the Somerset Patriots

Last night we had another great opportunity because of the fundraising efforts of New Jersey Manufacturer's Insurance Group for the Special Olympics of New Jersey, to be a part of a check presentation and with the kids throwing out the first pitch.  As I've mentioned in an earlier post, my dad works for NJM and they are a big sponsor for the SONJ.  This is the second fundraising event that they have hosted this summer among their employees by selling tickets to both the Trenton Thunder and now Somerset Patriots baseball games.  It was an honor to get asked again to be a part of the check presentation and the kids were MORE THAN THRILLED to be able to throw out the first pitches again (frankly, I think they might be spoiled now to attend any other baseball game!). 
The kids were so excited when we told them about their opportunity and from the moment we got to the game, asked quite frequently when they would be throwing the baseball.  They had a great time out on the field prior to any of the events occurring.  It's funny because with all of the little behaviors we deal with with Colin, one thing is for sure, he knows how to "work a crowd".  He will shake hands and introduce himself without being prompted and is very polite.  
After a little bit, the NJM CEO (with his daughter) along with some NJM employees (my dad included), the manager from the Somerset Patriots (Sparky Lyle), and the president of the SONJ (along with his son Zach) participated in the check presentation where the money raised from the game fundraiser was presented to the Special Olympics.  

After the check presentation, the kids were given their balls for the first pitch and they were SO EXCITED.  
They were put in line and walked out to the "mound" to wait their turn for their pitches.  Colin even told Chris to walk away because he and Kailey could do it by themselves. 



That was great until the mascots came out and then Chris had to go back to calm Colin down (he can't stand anything big and furry).  However, he rallied and they did great! 

It was a great experience and as always, we were honored to participate!

 What a great night in support of the Special Olympics of New Jersey!

I made a mistake before uploading and forgot to cut out all of the "extra" filming I did (meaning, never turned record off) so you only need to watch the video for about 20 seconds to see the first pitches.  PLEASE stop after that otherwise you will hear my silly voice and see lots of just grass. 
MVI 6805 from Kelli Tobin on Vimeo.

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