Thursday, July 3, 2014

Perhaps They are Not the Stars

"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather, openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy." - Eskimo Proverb
On Saturday, June 28th, my family lost a very special woman to all of us when my Grammy passed away.  She was just weeks shy of her 90th birthday, yet in many ways, you would have never known that she was that old. 
My Grammy was my Dad's mom and she has been a very involved member of our family my entire life, which I am extremely grateful for.  Growing up, family has always been very important and I saw most of my relatives on a weekly basis.  As we grew older, this time diminished some, but I have always been close with my Grammy and have continued to talk with her on a very regular basis. 
Grammy was affectionately known as our "crazy Grammy" because she was a very spunky and sassy woman and was not afraid to speak her mind to whoever and whomever was in her company.  She's had one of those lives that makes you wonder how anyone can keep on trudging through, but she has and has spent the past 22 years living independently.  Up until her recent health issues she was still driving herself around town and would tell me over and over again that she wasn't going to wait for my dad and would just drive herself down to visit us (a 2 hour drive from her house) "one of these days". 
She was one of those people who fiercely loved her family no matter what the situation was and definitely loved her fill of babies as they started to fill the family.  She has spent many years as a volunteer in many different facets but caring for babies was definitely up there on the top of her list.  She was a woman who was ahead of her time and AFTER the age of 70 got many tattoos which covered her legs (15+). 

I have so many memories of my Grammy that I will thankfully be able to carry with me always but one of the things I loved about her more than anything was her undying love and support.  I have talked on here many times about how fortunate I have been because of the support of all of our friends and family when Colin was born, but given the generation she was born into, she was one of the MOST supportive.  She was extremely proud of Colin and used to tell anyone and everyone about him when given the opportunity.  She read this blog through every update and would call her girlfriends from the complex over to show them things that Colin was doing.   She always called him "our boy". 

Even on my last day ever seeing her, despite how tired she was, she still asked about Colin and Kailey and what they were doing.  The last thing she always said to me on every phone call was "I love you very much Kelli and I pray for you all every night.  Please send my love to Chris, Colin and Kailey and give them all hugs and kisses for me". 

I am really going to miss her but I am also thankful that she is now at peace and with her husband and daughter again.  She has always talked about how much she missed them and I know that the reunion was something she has waited for a long time. 

I am thankful for having such a wonderful Grammy, for her support, for the "spunkiness" she brought to my life, but most especially for the fact that my kids had the opportunity to know her as well.  They know she is in a special place now but we will all greatly miss her. 

 We will always love you and miss you Grammy!


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Donna said...

What wonderful memories you and many other family have. I am sorry for your loss.