Monday, May 19, 2014

The Best of Birthdays

Today was a really good day spent with my family celebrating my 33rd birthday (although I TECHNICALLY don't turn 33 until midnight).  What makes these birthdays fun is not so much the excitement for myself but rather, the excitement that Colin and Kailey have in celebrating it FOR me.  

Even better, Colin was able to sing me an entire version of Happy Birthday very clearly and with lots of love.  THAT makes for a really good birthday.

To celebrate, we walked down to the restaurant on the river by our house and had dinner out on the patio (which did get interrupted by some rain late in the dinner).  The restaurant has a "Family Funday Monday" with a DJ playing music in one of the rooms and the kids just joined right in.  Our jaws dropped to see Colin and Kailey do THIS without any bit of prompting...

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Donna said...

Happy Birthday! Colin was leading, and he can sure twirl his sister! So cute!