Monday, May 5, 2014

Looooooong Time Coming!

I've been waiting a REALLY long time to say this but we have exciting news to share!  Kailey is OFFICIALLY potty trained!!!!!!!  Chris and I have to laugh when Chris mentioned tonight that it usually takes us hitting "rock bottom" for some skill before we finally see the light.  The light just turned on for Kailey the other day when she started going independently without resisting.  We put her in underwear all weekend (except for at night) which she successfully kept dry except for one poop accident each day.  Last night we decided to keep her in underwear which she kept dry until right when she woke up (I kept checking on her).  She stayed dry at school all day and then despite her crying for 2 hours that going poopies would hurt, she finally let it go in the good ole' froggy potty.  
I cannot even begin to describe my jubilance, excitement, joy, and happiness at the fact I finally have one of them fully potty trained. 

Now we just need to get Colin fully there too!  But woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!