Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

It's been a busy weekend around here as our unofficial start to summer began.  Unfortunately, Chris worked half of it but we still had a lot of fun with friends and family.  The weather ended up making it feel as though summer has already begun and is making us feel a little bit itchy for the real part of summer to get here! 
Colin, Kailey and I started the weekend off with some ice cream at the ice cream store!  Colin had been missing Daddy so much he sort of adopted a different Daddy while we were there and snuggled right in with him.  It was a little bit awkward for me, but the family though it was totally cute.  

On Saturday, we met up with our friend Charlee and her Mommy and Daddy at the boardwalk to catch a few rides together.  We had so much fun!

Sunday was beautiful all day long and we first hit up the beach where Colin had no problem jumping right in and riding the waves even though the water is still in the low 60s. 

Later that day we had a BBQ with our friend Becker, his Mommy and Daddy and some family.  Unfortunately, Daddy's work day ran longer than it was supposed to so he missed dinner with us. 

Today was another BEAUTIFUL day and it felt just like old times when our friend Mer came to visit us in her lifeguard truck on the beach.  Colin got his first ride of the summer!

It was a fun but exhausting weekend!  Looking forward to many more like it!

We did not forget, however, WHY we were able to celebrate with our family this weekend...we are extremely grateful to our Grammy and Poppy and all of the other veterans who have made many sacrifices so that we could enjoy our time together.  THANK YOU!

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