Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Colin Tidbits

I mentioned the other day that we decided to push forward with the potty training and Colin.  He did really great over the weekend and stayed *pretty* dry in between the times (once an hour-ish) that I would put him on the potty.  However, I knew that once we pushed forward at school and daycare it would be more of  a struggle.  He has yet to go on the potty at public school (like, ever...even initially when we were trying) and while he shows much more of an interest at daycare, he really hasn't gone for them yet either.  I know that we can't expect him to be potty trained over night (wouldn't that be nice!), but it is a bit frustrating getting things worked out in terms of figuring out what works for him, what motivates him, and what will keep him from getting deterred.  I am hoping that some switch will flip and he will start telling us when he has to go, but we aren't quite there yet with that yet.  

Feeding therapy with Miss Josie is going REALLY well.  Since Colin started earlier in the year, he has made some progress in terms of what he will put in his mouth and try.  While we aren't in a place where he is eating new foods consistently, he is MUCH more willing to try certain things.  Miss Josie's approach has been great and she has really built up a trust level between her and Colin.  He will still say no to her but she is able to still work through this with different motivators.  Just today he was licking a pretzel rod, has just started trying apple sauce with her, and is more willing to "kiss" and even touch different food items like crackers and teddy grahams.  Over the weekend he had a few bites of pancake (we haven't seen that in about a year!) and tried taking a bite of Chris' chicken patty sandwich.  He is also seeing an OT right before his feeding therapy session which has seemed to help as well.  I REALLY like the OT too so it has been a good mix for Colin.  

Colin's IEP annual review is coming up on Monday and I am a bit nervous this time around.  The first time was hard because I wasn't sure what to expect but this time is just as hard because I feel like it will be important to discuss certain things the year leading up to kindergarten.  This whole thing is a work in progress for us as well as we learn the "ropes" with IEPs and getting what is best for Colin.  He has been in a self-contained class at this time because of the options, it's what is best for him in terms of class size.  I am not ready for him to move to a full inclusive class yet because the option at our school for that is only 2 hours long and there is only one aid in the classroom.  He is exposed to the full inclusive setting in his daycare preschool class anyway.  However, we feel really strongly about moving into the inclusive setting in the future, particularly for kindergarten.  There is just so much to worry about!

Finally, Colin's relationship with Kailey continues to bloom.  They really have become such great friends!

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Jenny said...

Haha, I like how Kailey turns and runs. Ah the feeding issues are slow going with us too. I understand the significance of getting a child to even lick something! Russell will not touch any new food, especially if it is a cracker or something. If you try to get him to taste it, he seals his lips and turns his head away. *sigh*...I am beginning to wonder if he will always live off of yogurt and cheese and toast.