Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3-21 World Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

March 21st marks WORLD Down Syndrome awareness day, a day chosen to represent 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.  We are just over one month shy of Colin's 4 year birthday and I am amazed at how far we have all come in this journey.  While we may not always be jumping up and down screaming Down Syndrome to raise awareness, I feel like Colin champions that awareness himself.  Day by day, Colin has shown many people that he really is just like any 4 year old boy out there....and we are so proud of all that he has achieved so far.

(don't mind Kailey in the background....undressing?)
Colin certainly has his challenges when it comes to certain skills, but he works REALLY hard every day to overcome what comes so naturally to other kids.  However, he just fits right in with his typical peers in so many ways.  

One of Colin's biggest supporters is his little sister Kailey.  It has been so amazing watching these two forge a bond with each other and I can see them being the BEST of friends in the future.  Her boom in developmental skills is also helping Colin in so many ways.  

Colin's journey is just getting started and we will continue to support our little guy in everything that he does.  On World Down Syndrome day we really want you to know that while Colin may have some difficulties learning how to do some things, he really is just like his typical peers...and he is one cool little dude.  

Reading his books....

Walking down the steps all by himself!


Kathy O. said...

I love that black and white of them together. I love the brother sister bond!

EL said...

Such a cutie!

Anonymous said...
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