Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting Into a Routine Again

Looking back at pictures from the other day, this one makes me laugh because it is so fitting as to how our first few days back to school have been going.  It is one crazy ride...

I feel like we are "old pros" enough to know that it is going to take some time for this new routine to sink in until we find a new comfort level again.  I will not deny the fact that our last few weeks of summer were realy lax as we no longer had summer school, specific events, or even the schedules of going to the beach every day.  When Colin had his surgery last week, we even had to take it easy so there were lots of episodes of the Fresh Beat Band and lying around. 

We now have bus schedules, preschools, daycares, mommy's work schedule, daddy's work schedule, night time routines, morning routines and so on. 

Kailey's adjustment has not been the greatest and shows her displeasure with lots of screaming and crying.  we have gotten reports that she is happy at school, but certainly not in the morning prior to and when being dropped off at school.  To add to the mix is her discomfort with some new molars coming in, so she is not a happy camper.  I was so excited to get to school today to pick her up and have her come running to my arms when instead, I walked into a screaming crying little girl because she saw me in the hallway talking to someone else. 

We had a "back to school" night last night with Colin's preschool teacher and we were really happy to see him excited to see Miss Liz (Miss Yiz) and get back into the swing of things.  While we were standing in the back of the room, Miss Liz asked Colin to put his name tag on the board and he picked it up, marched right up to the board, and stuck it on there just like he was supposed to do.  I received a call today from her telling me Colin was like "old hat" and fit right in like he never left.  He then had to take a bus to his new after school program and I think we are all adjusting to something completely new. 

I know that change gets easier with time, but sometimes it would be nice to speed things up!

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