Monday, September 10, 2012


Right now, our family is stumbling through the starting blocks as we still adjust to our new routines of work and school.  Although the adjustment has been much easier on Chris and I, the kids are having a pretty hard time.  We are dealing with tantrums and crying that we have never seen before, refusal to do different things that were normally ok, and bed time scenarios that are anything but pleasant.  It has been really hard on all of us and while I know we have to weather this time period and look forward to the days that things get easier, it still doesn't make us feel any better.  

However, it certainly has helped that some of that cooler fall air has started to move in and we are able to have the windows up and get fresh air in here.  Tonight after dinner, Chris suggested that we go for a family walk and it definitely helped a tad bit tonight (just a tad).  I know better days are ahead, but it's sure challenging to get through!

Colin's issues have generally been related to going to bed at night.  We will put him back in bed over and over again, but last night he threw some serious screaming fits which are very unlike him.  He is becoming frustrated when he isn't understood, and is using growling type noises when he doesn't want to do something.  We have been in full fledged potty training mode, but if there is one thing I could ditch as a parent, that would be it.  He will sit, most of the time, without complaints, but we have seen very minimal action ON the potty.  {sigh} VERY frustrating.

Kailey's issues have a LOT to do with molars coming in (2) and her general difficulty in transitioning.  At school, we are told that she cries through all of the transitions throughout the day.  Her cries lately are shrieking, high pitched I can't take it anymore kind of cries and they go on and on over everything; Colin coming near her, not being picked up, or really, nothing at all.  

We'll get there....eventually.  


Melissa said...

I hear you on the teething! Even though B isn't getting molars yet, she just got all 4 front teeth in about a week...can't blame her for being crabby! We need to get Claire into her big bed, but I just don't want to fight her. Bed time is so easy right now, but I know we need to make the change. I hope you kids get adjusted to all the changes soon!

Melissa said...

Since you moderate your comments anyway, would you consider getting rid of the word verification? I just hate those! :)