Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Colin has not been himself since last Thursday and I can't quite place my finger on what's been going on.  He is mopey and whiny throughout the day, seems to be in pain at times, has had a low grade fever off and on and isn't eating much at the different meals.  On Monday I took him to the doctor and she couldn't find anything in all ENT passageways, he isn't congested, doesn't have a runny nose, no cough, no blisters, no rash, etc.  He just isn't himself.  We have narrowed it down to two possibilities including teeth (can't really look in his mouth too well) or just a virus that he has been fighting.  It's frustrating for me because there isn't much I can do to help and because I don't know what's going on.  And, because it's been 5 days now.  The weird thing is that he has stretches where he seems ok, but then is later trumped by the mopeyness again.  Summer blues? Missing the beach? I suppose those are possibilities too....

The other day we were out back and Colin asked to play basketball...

It is shaping up to be his favorite sport and he absolutely loves it.  I was impressed though when I looked over to find him "dribbling" the ball before taking a shot.

I know that when Chris plays with him he has shown him how to dribble, it's just still interesting to me to see him do things without being prompted because he just gets it.  I know he is observant and watches basketball very closely, so this shouldn't be surprising at all.

More dribbling...

...and then another shot.

I think I know what sport Colin is going to want to play!

In other news, Kailey has moved within 2.5 pounds of Colin and less than an inch shorter with a 2 year age difference.  Yikes!

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