Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colin's Surgery

I have been trying for days now to create this post, but have been having some technical difficulties with blogger and using chrome as my internet browser. I figured how to do it now I needed to use internet explorer (but that's coming with some of its own issues).

Colin had surgery on Tuesday to repair an aquired undescended testicle.  We've been addressing this issue for a few years now because it's always been retractible, and have even had a circumsicion revision since then, but the doctor discussed with us at the last visit that it would ultimately need to be reparired because of potential medical issues in leaving the testicle so high in the area. 

As always, Chris and I were nervous, but from start to finish in Colin leaving our arms and the doctor coming back to see us, was less than an hour so we were pretty lucky. 

Snuggling with Daddy in the waiting room while watching The Fresh Beat Band.

The hardest part was telling him that he couldn't have anything to eat.  He kept asking and I kept trying to saying "later".

Thank goodness for technology! It was very distracting for him to watch episodes of his favorite show ont he ipad!

He opted to NOT wear his hospital gown and decided to go in the "buff".

The doctors and nurses that came between anesthesia and the one doing the procedure were really good with him.  Bed side manner is always key with a 3 year old!

When he started waking up from the anesthesia he was thrashing and rolling around a lot, but I got in the bed with him and he fel back to sleep pretty quickly.

Surprisingly when we got home, he was pretty quick to have a bowl of ice cream!

However, he was pretty tired the rest of the day so I didn't mind the extra snuggles!

He of course had more ice cream later in the day.

...and even had some pretty good smiles to give out despite being uncomfortable.

He was a little trooper and back to his "getting into trouble" self yesterday. 


Deanna said...

I didn't know he was having surgery!!!!! So glad he is feeling better and that the procedure went well! He is as cute as ever. (-:

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

So glad all went well! Yes the ipad is our saving grace in the hospital! Smiles

Alaina and Kyle said...

Glad everything went well. He is looking so BIG lately. Can't believe we have preschoolers.

Jenny said...

Happy to hear it all went smoothly :)

Jenni said...

So glad to see him smiling after surgery!

Laura said...

So glad that the surgery went well! He was such a trooper. Love his smile!

Suze said...

Colin, you and Chris are all troopers! I'm sure it was difficult for you and Chris, but so glad it all went well and Colin came through it just fine! Love that face, and love he's confident to go "buff!" LOL!

Rochelle said...

Glad all is well and surgery & recovery went smoothly.

Deborah said...

So glad the surgery went well! He looks great.

Pam said...

So glad to hear everything went well. He is such a handsome little guy :)