Monday, August 8, 2011


All throughout occupational therapy today Colin just said "nope". Sometimes it was just a short and punctual "nope" while other times it was a "nope, nope nope". His OT decided to take a new approach after her session off last week and kind of go with the flow as opposed to having a specific plan that she was trying to follow every session. It seemed to go ok, although, Colin really wasn't having the fact that he had to do what he was told. So, "nope" was what it was the entire hour.

Needless to say, we are still having a tough time these days. It's funny because I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is 2, he is testing out his boundaries, and it is summer vacation, but it is also, the overabundance of therapies and the being "on demand" at all times. While I think that it is really important for Colin to receive this help, I also want to stomp my feet sometimes and yell "it's not fair" over and over again for my poor little boy to be on "demand" at all times. But, we do what we have to do and sometimes it means we just need to take a break, or change things up a bit, or just say "oh well, we did the best we could" during therapy that day.

I have noticed so many changes going on in Colin this summer and I'm curious to see how things will change again once we all get back in a very structured routine again and head back to school.
Some things going on with Colin this summer:

- Although he loves, loves, loves the ocean (we spend more time by the water than on the beach), he all of a sudden hates baths. He does not want the water poured on his head, he does not want to be scrubbed, and he doesn't even want to play. This is coming from a boy who loved the water. In fact, he can literally be pummeled by a wave (happens almost daily) and laugh but scream his head off and throw his little body into a tantrum when it's time for a bath. Yikes.

- He is completely in a "man" stage right now. Colin doesn't want much to do with women, other than saying hi from a distance or giving a kiss. However, men? He will put his arms out and ask to be picked up. This could be someone he knows, or a complete stranger. The nice but creepyish kind of guy on line behind us in DMV...yep, Colin wanted him to pick him up too. He's been so happy with men lately, and he is very happy that his Uncle Timmy is visiting from North Carolina!

...his Great-Grandpa Poppy


...cousin, Krys...

...Uncle Pat...

And lots of other men too! I guess kids go through different stages and this stage for Colin is a "man" stage". Of course, no ONE tops Daddy.

- Still no changes in the feeding department, but his demeanor has changed during meal times now that he isn't being forced to eat a certain way.

Kailey is definitely changing every day. She is so attentive and curious about everything. I am so in love with her smiles and giggles and really enjoy watching her love her brother. I wish he was more interested in her, but I think things will change once she is more mobile.

One of my favorite things she does is put her hands on your face when you are talking to is so endearing!

While I can't truly call her a beach babe just yet, she does enjoy the beach for short stretches of time. The problem is that she still hasn't taken to the cereal yet, so I don't think that she is fully content and when it's time for her bottle, she needs it RIGHT now. She is so close to rolling over from her back to her tummy and we will cheer for her just as loud!


Adrienne said...

OMG-Bennett is in a man stage too!! I was going to blog about this because he puts his arms up to random men as well but doesn't want anything to do with my girlfriends, my cousins that are women, aunts, even my mom at times! We went to a wedding this weekend (a family wedding) and B immediately went to my cousins (they were men-big men) but swatted at the women that wanted to hold him-lol. It cracks me up that he totally knows. What is up with these boys of ours!!??

Natalia said...

Great pictures, girl!! Colin looks so cute in all of his pictures with the "men"...and Kailey and Chris look SO CUTE where she has his hands on his face! Honestly, I just can't wait to see both of your beauuuutiful children this week. :)

PS - That last picture of Kailey made me melt...with the hat, her gorgeous baby blues, and her EARRINGS!! Such a doll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - "vacation" for you sounds a little skewed. Looks like you are trying to relax, go with the flow, take things in stride, but somehow I think "relax" is also lots of work for YOU. Hope when you wrote about the "NOPE" it made you smile - I sure did! Words of support from family/friends, smiles and hugs from Colin, Kailey and Chris surely help but maybe the best thing for you would be to back track in your blog and see how far Colin has come - versus the "demands" ahead. No minimizing your frustrations - just showing my "old" and trying to be a voice of reason (rational is NOT my expertise though).
As for Colin's interest in his sister - face it some "years - days - months" will be easier than others. She is a cutie and I am sure she has no shortage of doting fans,willing snugglers:=) - very cute endearment trademark that face holding. Hang in there Kelli and enjoy the beach...much more fun than snow suit stuffing season! Hugs all around - Randy

Becca said...

Samantha is always more drawn to men, too. She's gotten a little bit better about not just going up to and hugging random men now, thankfully, but sometimes... Yikes. I'm sure it'll pass.

Cracking up at "nope!" I remember when Samantha suddenly started saying "nope" and "uh uh" instead of "no." I was like, "Did I just hear what I think I heard?"

Ooh, Kailey is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jenny said...

Kailey sure is a beauty! Love that pic of her with her Daddy. Colin cracks me up...Wonder how long the "nope" phase will last for! lol