Thursday, August 18, 2011

Field Day

The beach community that my parents rent in is a private community that prides itself on family. They do not allow groups to rent homes and are very particular about the things you can and cannot do on the beach. Every day they have a different "activity" of some sort and Thursday mornings are field day events for the kids. They have been doing these field day events for as long as I can remember and I participated when I was a kid.

For the eight weeks that my parents have been here, we actually haven't been at the beach much on Thursday mornings because of Colin's therapy schedule. Last week was the first week that we were up there and Colin sat and watched the races. They have races for the 1 and 2 year olds, but I was honestly nervous about having Colin participate because most of them involve him needing to run. I felt guilty not having him actually participate, but he really enjoyed watching and clapping for those that did.

This week, I decided to give it a whirl. The first race was a crawling race and Colin lined up with the three other kids. In fact, he was ready to take off before they counted down and said "go" can see me holding on to him here because he would have "cheated" and started.

...unfortunately, this man stepped in front, but Colin led the whole crawling race until he decided to stop and watch what everyone else was doing. Instead, he finished third, but I actually had tears in my eyes!

...for the rest of the races, he was content to sit and cheer on everyone else. He wasn't quite ready for the crab race or the running race.

We did try one more race (a running race), but he did not want to walk/run even with me holding his hands. He forcefully sat himself down and then clapped for everyone else. Hey, at least my kids got team spirit! I will say though that there were other typical 2 year olds who were doing the same thing and not wanting to participate!

He DID receive ribbons for his participation AND attempts in all of the races.

It was our first attempt and I'm proud for what Colin did. I was just happy that he was so excited to watch! There is always next year and I have a feeling that once he is walking, things will be a whole lot easier!


Rochelle Cannon said...

What fun! YAY Colin.

Becca said...

How fun!!! That community sound really great. Great job, Colin!

Jennie said...

Colin, you are a rock star! And a super speedy crawler.

Natalia said...

Awesome job, Colin!!!! I am so proud of you and want to make sure I can come down for a field day at the beach next year! :)