Friday, July 16, 2010

2 More Steps!!

Tonight we went over to my parent's beach house for is a typical ritual for us, we were having snacks prior to dinner which consisted of chips, pretzels and dip. We started to notice that Colin was watching us eat our pretzels/chips and was immitating by "chomping" away (with nothing in his mouth of course).
So, I gave him his own pretzel. At first, he did his typical Colin behavior by "inspecting" the pretzel holding it with a pincer grip and rotating it back and forth. Then, he was rubbing it on the carpet and after awhile, I kind of stopped paying attention. However, after a short period of time, Colin had picked the pretzel back up and was putting it in his mouth...over and over again!

After several pretzels were demolished, we decided to switch to the "biter" bisquit to see what he would do with that. I kind of thought Colin was only interested in the pretzel because of the salt. However, he started repeatedly putting the cookie into his mouth!This picture is one of the things that has been cracking me up lately....Colin loves to "share" his food with whoever is feeding him. I usually try to give him his own spoon and he enjoys feeding me with his spoon. Here is Colin trying to get me to eat his wet, crumbly biter cookie. YUM!It's so cute!

My mom had made some homemade play-doh so while we were eating dinner, Colin sat with us and was playing with his play-doh. She enjoys making it because it's ok if he puts it in his mouth since it only consists of flour, salt, water and a little bit of oil. Colin loved grabbing clumps and throwing it on the floor. A little bit later he decided to try it out and put some in his mouth. I think it was a little bit too salty...but hey, at least he put it in his mouth!

Yay for Colin!!


Kristin said...

Yay Colin. Max ate play doh yesterday, too. Mmmm.

Rochelle said...

That is such great news! WOO HOO Colin.

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

So BiG!!! that is aWEsoMe!! smiles

Melissa M said...

That is so great and I love the picture of him sharing his food!

randy said...

Hi - Just got back from Jason's and tuned in for a Colin fix. By the time I get my LONG overdue snuggle it is clear that Colin is going to taste as good as he looks:)! What could be bad about chocolate covered fingers? As for the teething/eating duo - we have to get Jarred to share some of his bagel sticks with Colin...Happy Beach Days...XXOO-Love, Randy

Natalia said...

He's doing soooo great, Kel!!! :)