Sunday, July 25, 2010

15 Month Update

Colin hit the 15 month mark on the 20th! It's amazing that our little boy is well over a year now and even more amazing as to how much has changed in our lives in those 15 months. We are so lucky to have a little guy who is so loving and who has such an amazing personality! He is so much fun to be around...
I took him for his 15 month check-up the other day and was excited to see Dr. Uma. Unfortunately, she had a sub in for her because she was out of the office. I know I have said this before, but we are so lucky to have such a wonderful pediatrician for Colin.

Colin weighed in at 20 lbs, 8 ounces which pulled him up from the 3rd percentile at his 12 month checkup to the 5th percentile. He gained 3 lbs. in 3 months so we were pretty happy with that progress. He had a little growth spurt on the height chart as he grew 3" in 3 months putting him at 30" long. With that growth he moved up into the 25th percentile. Throughout his whole 15 months, the pediatrician has kept him on the "typical" child growth chart so he has managed to hold his own.
Since Dr. Uma was not there, she left us instructions to get more blood work done on Monday the 26th so that his thyroid function can be determined again. If the labwork comes back off again, then the pediatric endocrinologist will see us earlier than our end of September appointment.
The doctor was very happy with Colin's overall checkup, aside from a little diaper rash that she prescribed an antibiotic cream for, and gave him 1 of the 3 shots that he needed (we are going to do the rest at another time). He handled it like a champ, but all the excitment made for one tired little boy!
And yes, Colin is facing forward now! It's amazing the language explosion he has had now that he is turning forward and is able to see us in the car. I moved the mirror that I had been using to be able to see him when he was facing backwards to face Colin and it's so funny to watch him talk to himself in it.
Colin is making a lot of progress in a lot of different areas, albeit slowly (which is completely ok!). Physically, he is working really hard on getting himself into a sitting position, but has yet to complete the task during waking hours. Funny story...last night around 5am, Colin started wimpering and crying a little bit, which he never does once he is asleep. I got up and since it was dark in the room, I couldn't really see what was going on. I tried rubbing his back, and noticed that something felt off/different. I realized that the reason Colin was crying because he had managed to get himself in a sitting position at some point in the night and had fallen asleep bent in half (which I can't imagine was very comfortable!). I was excited at the prospect that if he was able to do that while he was sleeping, the possibilities were endless once he could put his full effort in!
He still refuses to do much on his hands and knees, but can pivot and roll like a champ to get himself around the room to what he wants. As you saw in a previous post, he is bearing more weight on his legs as well.
In addition to "dada", "mama", "hi" and "up", Colin started saying "oooo" the other day as well. Even though it's not a word, it's quite an accomplishment since it requires a lot of oral motor effort on his part to get the sound out. He is also using the sign "more" consistently now, so we are excited for that as well. You can see him saying "ooo" here:

He is such a lover, and if you ask for a hug, he will rest his head on your shoulder and say "ahh" (one of my favorites!) and still continues to give out LOTS of kisses...

Instead of pushing him all of the time to accomplish specific tasks, we have been allowing him to explore a lot more. I think it's all around better for Chris and I as well as for him. He loves the sand, and will move himself all over the towel in order to get his hands in the sand. He has no problem eating the sand as well.

He keeps moving and moving until he just. can't. keep. his. eyes. open. anymore.

Yep, this is him passed out half way in the sand...face down.

He still loves loves loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and gets so excited when the song starts with the show. It's really cute because when he sees Mickey Mouse on the screen he starts looking around at us and then starts clapping his hands.

Finally, we got to see Colleen and Jon this weekend! It's always great to spend time with them!

They treated us to a nice dinner and Colin even ate chicken parm! I cut up the spaghetti and chicken and he ate it like a champ...slowly but surely!


Emily said...

Cute post! So many fun and great things going on!

Rochelle said...

Oh Colin you are such a charmer! Love the smoochie face for kisses.

Kelly said...

Oh Colin, you are such a little ham!! Look at all the wonderful things you are doing. I am counting down the days until we meet in person:)

Kristin said...

Lovin his hair in the vidoes!!! I have to lay Max down in his crib a couple of times every night because he sits up in his sleep. Drives me crazy. Nice sounds Colin! All Max can say is dadadada.... and duhduhduh. And haven't seen any signs in months... all in their own time, right?!

Erin said...

So sweet! Love the videos, I can't wait for my little guy to say his first word!

Heather said...

So many cute pictures but my favorite has got to be face down,asleep in the sand!

Colin is finding his way.Remember,slow and steady wins the race.Best advice I have ever been given and Zoey truly takes that to new levels!And,do you know,my little peanut is 3 years 4 months and weighs ... barely 24 lbs!

Oh and I love when they fall asleep bent in half.I always marvel at that flexibility!

Lori said...

Colin is getting big. He has about the same stats as Anna at 15 mos...and look at what a horse she is now! =)
I think what I love most about the videos is his crazy hair =)

Jenny said...

I love Colin videos!! What a sweetheart!

thetaooftulips said...

Oh I love the little hugs and kisses- Abby says awwwww when she leans in and hugs too- I'm guessing we say it as well! Good for your for letting him explore- we're struggling with that a right now's so hard to know what to do and focus on!

mlfont said...

you are a rock star Colin! WTG on pushing 20lbs and moving forward! Parker was 19.1 before surgery, weighed in today at 18.6, praying by next month he can move forward facing too! Thanks for all the prayers!!! They lifted us up!!! XO

balletgirl913 said...

I love Colin in the videos and kisses face that he makes and his hair styles he has in them.....he is very handsome !