Sunday, September 16, 2018

Back to School

This weekend marked the end of the first two weeks back to school and overall we have had a pretty smooth transition into the new school year. The kids have been happy to be back to school and all love their new teachers this year. The most difficult part of being back to school is not really school itself but all of the after school activities that has us running from one place to another. The first two weeks felt a little "clumsy" in figuring out the logistics of eating, homework, activities, showers, reading, bedtime, etc. but we're slowly getting back into a comfortable groove. The kids seem really happy with the predictable routines and are really showing how much they are growing and maturing with handling the transition really well. 

I can remember in years past writing blog posts about how Colin has had difficulty with the transition and other than some little minor things that only we probably notice as parents, he's handling it all with ease. He really does love school and his team of people who work with him. Homework started this past week and other than a few groans here and there, he really has been very compliant with getting it done. 

Colin and Kailey are playing soccer this fall and are enjoying it so far. Kailey is playing on a team this year that is playing other towns in the county. She's really been enjoying the girls she's playing with and just had her first game this weekend. Colin is also on a new team this year and just like everything else, there will be a little bit of a learning curve as he transitions to playing with a coach and new teammates. He loves playing and we know that as the season goes on, all of the little nuances we've noticed so far will get better. 

Cody has been a great little sibling and supporting his brother and sister at all of their activities. The excitement for him this week was in celebrating his birthday. He has been so happy at school with his new teacher and we can't wait to see all of the ways he is going to grow this year! 

We are thankful for the smooth transition so far and hope it stays that way! 

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