Tuesday, March 21, 2017

World Down Syndrome Awareness Day 2017

Today on March 21st (3/21), we celebrate all of our loved ones who have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome in all cells of their body. It is caused by a random error during cell division called nondisjunction in which both copies of the 21st chromosome go to one cell instead of splitting into two cells. This error is then copied to all cells in the body.

When Colin was born, doctors highlighted all of the possible symptoms and effects that Colin could experience as a result of Down Syndrome. At the time, it was easy to get hung up on all of the possibilities of things that could go wrong or be different. However, what we have learned more than anything was that Colin wasn't just a statistic, number, "side effect" or even developmental delay; Colin was a little boy first and foremost and that still rings true today.

This boy that you see here today is happy, loving, observant, strong, independent, talented, funny, athletic, empathetic, and caring and he lives his life in a way that shows he just a boy not defined by limitations. He continues to make progress in all aspects of his life and so we celebrate all of his accomplishments, as many of them are a result of a lot of time, patience and very hard work on his behalf.

World Down Syndrome awareness day is a special day to spread understanding, acceptance and inclusion for people with Down Syndrome. They are more than a diagnosis; they are family members, loved ones and friends. See the possAbility!

Happy 3/21 day! Today we celebrate love and friendship, inclusion and respect for our special loved ones!

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