Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 Special Olympics NJ Polar Bear Plunge

Last Saturday, February 25th, was CAT Crew's 8th annual Special Olympics New Jersey Polar Bear Plunge.  It turned out to be a beautiful day as the sun was shining and the temperatures got close to 70 prior to plunge time (although I think it was slightly cooler right along the water). The water temperature was in the low 40s (that may have been a record for us for plunge temps!) and the atmosphere was charged with happiness and fun! CAT Crew was feeling particularly happy as we had 45 team members raising just over $44,000 contributing to the GRAND total of $1.9 million dollars!

Many of us spent the morning hanging out in a parking lot and enjoying each other's company with breakfast and games. The kids were especially good this year which made it that much more enjoyable.

Just prior to the plunge, we had been asked to participate in an interview by a Montclair student who was doing a project for her internship. She had come to our house the night before and then joined us the day of the plunge. Colin LOVED the spotlight and took his job very seriously.

This year we decided to let Colin and Kailey come on the beach with us (they usually head back to the house a bit earlier). Unfortunately, there were some speakers that were far louder than usual and it really upset Colin (and Kailey some too). If it weren't for that, I think he would have been really enjoying himself.

Words cannot express how thankful Chris and I are for all of these "team" members who support Colin and the rest of the Special Olympic athletes through raising money and then plunging with us. In addition, our team consists of so many people who have donated to the 45 team members that have allowed us to reach these totals. My heart is full of gratitude.

....and a special thanks to Jorie for capturing these moments!

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