Monday, May 2, 2016

Grandparent Visit

Last weekend, the kids and I went and visited my Grandparents since we were in town with Chris working nearby. My Grandma is 90 and Poppy is 92 and they still live in the house my mom grew up in. I have so many memories from this house as most of my childhood I was there at least once a week after church for lunch. They have a cape style home with carpeted stairs to the big room upstairs that we spent a lot of time sliding down. I had to laugh to myself because I found my kids doing  lot of the same things that my siblings and I did through all of the years.

I always think it's neat to see pictures like this of my kids sitting at the dining room table when there are probably tons of pictures of me and my siblings sitting in the same places when we were kids (I'd love to dig some of those out!). We had dessert and then let them run around outside for a bit before heading over to say hi to Chris.

It's so crazy that Poppy is the oldest of the family and Cody is the youngest and there is 90 years between the two of them. It was a nice visit!

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