Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Childhood Memories

This past weekend on Good Friday, I went up to visit my parents with the kids because we weren't going to see them on Easter. My mom had some egg dying, an egg hunt, Easter crafts, and we finished the day with a turkey dinner. The kids were really excited to go and had a great time.

Since it was a nice day, we decided to go for a walk down to the lake that I grew up going to up through high school. The town is made up of one large lake and two other smaller lakes that have a variety of beaches around them. Every day throughout the summer, we would pack up and spend the day at the lake. We all took swim lessons every summer through the years and as we got older, we would ride our bikes to the clubhouse for a variety of activities including participating on the swim team. 

When we got down to the lake, I asked the kids if they wanted to throw rocks in the water and make them skip across the lake the way I used to do and so it started off innocently enough.

Despite my warnings to stay out of the water, I started noticing that Kailey was putting her toe in and then start moving it in a little bit further.

When they started to go in further, my first instinct was to tell them to back out but then I thought to myself that I had done this so many times through the years with my siblings growing up. We also used to do it when we would take a day trip down to the ocean and would end up jumping in at various off season times.

Kailey started proclaiming "Mom! You should try this! The water is so warm!"

While I didn't have any interest in going in myself, I got much enjoyment out of watching the two of them run through the water, splash around and hear their laughs as they enjoyed themselves. I mean, what kid doesn't enjoy the water, especially when they really aren't supposed to be going in.

It was one of those moments that brought back so many of my own childhood memories while I enjoyed my own kids making memories of their own...

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