Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Holidays

Tonight as I sit here, the Christmas decorations are all packed up and life is about to resume into the normal every day grind but I'm going through pictures and reflecting on the 2015 Christmas season. The buildup is always so exciting but busy with the rush of getting ready and participating in all of the holiday activities. Afterwards, it always feels as though it passed by so quickly leaving a little bit of disappointment that the "magical" season is over. 

While each year seems to get better as the kids get older, this year was not quite what we were expecting due to some illnesses that passed through most of the vacation. However, there were many moments to be thankful for as we were all together and got to spend the holidays celebrating with family.

This year was unique and fun because Cody was really into everything just like the other two (except for Santa - he liked him from afar but NOT up close). We're in an interesting phase right now because he desperately wants to do everything that Colin and Kailey are doing but "forgets" that he is only 15 months old. It makes for some challenging times but also keeps us on our toes! 

For Colin, this week has been a disruption in his normal routines which can be more difficult for him than for anyone else. Colin has an easier time when he knows what to expect and when things are pretty consistent day after day. He does have an ability to go with the flow, but we often need to explain or give him time to transition through the difficulties of something different. 

While I greatly enjoy my time with my family during vacation, I can always tell when it's time to go back to our normal routines because everyone starts to have some difficulty. Despite the disappointing parts of vacation, there have been lots of great moments too and I am thankful for this magical season with my family. There is NOTHING like the joy of Christmas through the eyes of children.

We are looking forward to all that is in store for our family in 2016!

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