Saturday, January 9, 2016

Special Olympics Young Athlete Floor Hockey Tournament

Today was the annual Special Olympics New Jersey Floor Hockey Tournament held at Stockton College. Included in this tournament is a section devoted to the young athletes and as always, we had a great experience! 

It's been a little bit since we have participated in a Special Olympics event and it felt great to be back and seeing some of our friends. The kids' had such a great time playing hockey as well as the many other activities that were set up for them.

In addition, it was a nice surprise because the NJ Devil was there along with Grant Marshall, NJ Devils alumnus. They both played with the Young Athletes, snapped pictures with Special Olympic Athletes and signed autographs. Kailey was so enamored with the NJ Devil that she spent a lot of time running after him and he made her happy by playing wit her a lot. I was so proud of Colin because he's typically so nervous and fearful around any mascot but he was brave enough to snap a picture, give a high five and even wait for an autograph.

As always, it was another great event put on by Special Olympics! We are grateful for our friends and connections we have made through there! 


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