Monday, September 28, 2015

31 for 21 Challenge

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month and every year, a group of bloggers take on the challenge of blogging every day for the entire month of October (31 days for Trisomy 21 - 3 copies of the 21st chromosome). While I have struggled lately with my blogging personally (lots of stress has felt like it's blocked my ability to write), I look forward to this challenge and for raising awareness for Down Syndrome. 

Some of the topics I plan to tackle over the next month:
  • Inclusion (this alone has a lot of sub topics)
  • Colin's 2nd year of Kindergarten
  • Due Process
  • Colin's difficulties with transitions
  • Colin's activities

  • Colin's current eye status (he has glasses!)
  • Feeding therapy
  • Colin's general progress in life

  • Life as a family of 5
  • Kailey and Cody

And whatever else may spur my writing. I'm not going to feel stressed about it but I do feel I have a lot to talk about so we will see what happens starting on Thursday!

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Michelle said...

Glad to have you join in on 31 for 21! I'm sure your experiences as of late will be invaluable for others to read about; you've got a lot of insight in to the school issues, inclusion, IEPs, and due process (unfortunately!) Don't stress about the challenge - it's just supposed to be a fun challenge and nothing will happen if you miss a day or two :)