Thursday, September 3, 2015

1st Day of School

Today was Colin's first official day of school and from the way it sounded, it was a pretty positive day. That came as much relief to this Mommy who was on edge all day waiting to see my little boy again. I've gotten a really good positive feeling from the 3 new people who will be working with Colin as he repeats Kindergarten this year. We just have to have faith that things are as they should be right now. 

Since my last time writing, a lot has happened over here (and yes, Colin got glasses!). Instead of beginning the due process hearing, we ended up spending 8.5 hours at court to ultimately settle with the district. There is a lot about that I can't discuss at this time, but Chris and I feel we made a decision that was best for Colin for his immediate future.  

Colin is now repeating Kindergarten in an inclusion Kindergarten class in his home school with a new general education teacher, special education teacher and paraprofessional. After a positive first day, we are hoping for a positive year. Colin has grown up so much over this summer that on his end, we think things will just be different. 
He was so excited to get on the bus this morning and happily waved goodbye. During out bedtime talks tonight, he did tell me he cried on the bus, but it sounds like he got it together by the time he got to school. 
Back in February, when we had the IEP meeting where a self contained placement was recommended, we sat in the car with our advocate after the meeting where she told us that we would have to have the "stomach for this". This has been a very difficult time for us in our advocating what we believe is right for Colin. However deep down, we still believe it's what's best. And so, onward we move...
Colin started a new adventure today and we couldn't be more proud...
Kailey and Cody also started school this week and although it's been a transition for both, they did pretty well. 

Kailey has been crying for weeks now that she was ready to go back, but had a bit of crying at school after waking up from her nap (she missed us). However, she loves going and is happy to be back.

It's been a bit tough for Cody, but he's made progress of transitioning over the past 2 days. We know it's going to be a great school year for all!   

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