Monday, July 13, 2015

Family Vacation in the OBX - Part 2

The really great thing about the house we stayed at in the OBX was that it had a nice pool in the backyard.  After spending a few hours at the beach in the morning, we would have lunch and then spend all afternoon by the pool. The kids had vests that allowed them to be totally independent and typically Cody would nap for a lot of the time we were out there. We had a LOT of fun at the pool every day. 

One of Colin's most favorite things to do was to jump in, or watch everyone else jump in. We had a lot of fun with slow motion video taping while everyone would take turns jumping. 

Cody loved the pool but did not enjoy the baby floaty thing we had for him. He was much happier to be more "free" (someone holding him) so he could be more active.

Once the kids were settled in bed each night, the rest of us would typically spend the night playing games together. We are big fans of Heads Up!  

One of the downsides of vacation was having to take Colin to urgent care because he had started with a cough right before we left that seemed to worsen a bit while we were there.  He had moments where he was acting normal and then other times were he just was off, taking long naps, and just not himself. On Thursday, it just got to a point where we just wanted to make sure it wasn't something more serious than the cold/cough it was (it wasn't) so we took him to get checked.
The one thing we achieved this vacation was a lot of hanging around without any urgency to go anywhere or do anything. 


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