Monday, July 20, 2015

Family Vacation in OBX - Last one

The weather was beautiful all week, except on our last day in which it rained for a good portion of the morning. We had been to the local aquarium so we decided to take the kids back to kill some time in the morning. We got there right around when they opened which was perfect because it wasn't too crowded yet. 

The kids were really excited and ran from exhibit to exhibit to check everything out.

Different than the last time we were there was an outdoor dinosaur walk that had authentic looking dinosaurs that were moving and making noises. Colin was not a fan but we still had a nice walk nonetheless. 

On Friday night, we took the kids up to the beach to do our traditional "writing in the sand" to mark our time on vacation.

Kailey had also been begging us all week to fly a kite so we made the attempt but failed miserably. We just couldn't get the darn things up in the air despite how windy it was up there. I think Kailey was more disappointed than anyone.

We really lucked out and got back to the house just before it started to rain again.

It was such a fun week that on Saturday morning when it was time to go, Kailey was NOT happy. She cried for a long time after we left and she still talks about it today.

It was a week full of happy memories!! We are so thankful to my parents for making it happen! 

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