Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Law Enforcement Torch Run Final Leg

Today we had an amazing opportunity to participate in an event where we were witnessing the Law Enforcement Torch Run's final leg for the 2014 Special Olympics USA games.  The torch made it's way through Time's Square where we were with other Young Athlete families and cheered them on to make a stop in front of Toys R Us,   one of the corporate sponsors for the Young Athlete Festival.  The Law Enforcement Torch Run is an amazing organization as they have raised millions of dollars for the Special Olympics each year.   
Chris and I were honored to have our family participate in such a unique, once in a lifetime experience with supporters of the games and with other Special Olympic athletes as well.  We are so proud of Colin for who he is and for the doors that it has opened for him.  There was nothing better than watching him shake the hands of the runners as they left for their next leg of the run. 


We were also given the opportunity to be interviewed by Fox Five News (live!) because of Colin's involvement in the Young Athlete Program.  It was such a great experience for all involved!

New York News (Video 1)

New York News (Video 2)

We are so grateful to Andrea Moore and Marc Edenzon from the Special Olympics of NJ who invited us to be part of such a truly inspirational day! #genuinejerseypride

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