Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Special Thank You

Not only did yesterday mark the end of Colin's education at his pre-school setting with the teachers he has had for over two years, it also was the end of his year with Miss Teresa at the daycare that we had started in September.  While this daycare had come highly recommended by lots of people, Chris and I were still a bit wary to change from a place we had been a part of for years (which coincidentally just closed down yesterday) and because of a bad experience we had had last year at another location we had tried. 
However, we soon realized that Good Hands was a place that we could completely trust to care for our children and we even found some pretty special people who have been a part of our children's lives now for the past year.  While we are extremely grateful for ALL of Colin and Kailey's teachers that they have had there since September, we need to send a special thank you to Miss Teresa, Colin's teacher for the past year.  
For this past year, Miss Teresa has been openly communicating with us about Colin when different challenges arose and she was more than willing to work with him in areas that he may have needed the most.  She did exactly what we would have expected with him and that was what he needed the most; he needed someone to push him and remain consistent when it came to discipline but she was also incredibly loving which is something he always needs.  We were so grateful that Miss Teresa worked with us and Colin to ensure Colin had a successful year this year.
Unexpectedly, Miss Teresa just wrote us a letter the other day that left me feeling very emotional, in a happy way.  It was a letter I wish I could take to some of the members of Colin's new school (that's a whole new post in itself that has been brewing) to show that it might be a little intimidating to know you are going to be getting a student who doesn't quite "fit the mold" but as long as you are willing to work together with us, everything will be fine.  Miss Teresa proved just what a real teacher is; she's someone who might have to change how she does things because of a student's unique challenges but can still find success because of working to figure out what works best.  And for that, we are extremely grateful. 

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