Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fun Things

Colin's been into jumping lately.  He likes to jump off of objects (within reason) and say "to infinity and beyond" and it's funny for us to watch sometimes because there was a point not too long ago where he couldn't even jump and clear the ground.  Physically, he is coming along so quickly and nicely!  (We wish the behavior issues would come along just as quickly!)

I've recently talked about Colin's improvements with fine motor skills, particularly holding a pencil and cutting and I have some more evidence of that from our snow day today. 
While I was taking a shower today, Colin opened the bathroom door and came in and asked to take one too.  I kept saying no and that he should go back in the other room.  It got quiet for a little bit and then next thing I knew, Colin was peeing in the potty by himself after he already had taken his clothes off, put them in the hallway and then flushed.  He climbed right in and looked at me and said "I did it mom!".  How could I say no?   

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