Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Stuff

We've been keeping busy here now that we are FULLY into summer mode.  We have been trying out different adventures and sticking to some of the ones that we know the best (the beach).  Some of our adventures have been working out and others, not so much.  

Last night while Chris was working, we went to the local baseball stadium to catch part of the game with the kids and then hopefully make it through fireworks afterwards.  Last year, fireworks on the beach didn't go so well, but we thought that maybe it would be better now that they were a year older.  They thoroughly enjoyed the baseball and were really good for that but after my attempts to calm them when the fireworks started failed, we had to book it out of there.  Kailey just kept saying "no more booms, no more booms" and Colin just kept saying "noooooo" while he was literally quivering with fear.  Yikes.  Failed adventure.  

Since Daddy works up in the production booth (press area), we went up to visit and say hi and the kids got some prime views of the game.  

Although we aren't on the same beach anymore, being at the beach no matter where you are is still great and we have been getting into a new routine with that.  Colin LOVES the water and it has taken Kailey several weeks just to be down close to the water without quivering in fear herself.  Today she was running closer, but still wouldn't let the water touch her feet.  

There are lots of times that we have to guide them into different activities, but what I love most is when they will go off on their own a bit and make up some game or activity that will last for a bit.  

I was really happy to see that they both "met" a little boy on their own and were "talking" to each other.  I often hover near though when that happens because although Colin is really good, when he gets uncomfortable or someone is in his personal space where he doesn't like it, he will push them away since he can't really communicate to them to move away.  However, they were so cute today playing together.  

We were  pleasantly surprised today to see them carrying their own chairs (those straps are quite handy!).  Unfortunately, Colin shucked his in the middle of the busy beach road, but he still made it pretty far.  

I have been letting my issue with messes go a BIT now that it's summer and have been letting Kailey get a cone.  Although she was a disgusting mess the other night, it was really cute and funny to watch her eat her cone.  

Now how can you resist the cuteness in that picture despite the mess!

Happy summer!


Jenny said...

I always love seeing the pictures you post Kelli. You have such a beautiful little family :)

The Holt's said...

Hey! I just found your blog and your kids are adorable. I am enjoying catching up.

Diane Hill said...

Great pictures! It looks like they are having a great summer! My 3 year old looks just like Kailey when eating ice cream...a mess. :)