Monday, July 15, 2013

6th Anniversary

6 years ago today, Chris and I were married on a beautiful (and hot!) summer day at the Jersey shore.  At this point in our life together, it seems like we are so far removed from that day.  

I have been wanting to take out my wedding dress for a long time now and was inspired recently by my friend to actually do it.  It was fun to put it on, especially because the kids (particularly Colin) thought it was so great and Chris got him to start calling me a princess.  I can't believe I wore that dress in the summer though; it was so heavy and hot!

Every year on our anniversary, we go somewhere for dinner and then take a few pictures on the beach.  The beach we chose today was the same beach we took our wedding photos on our wedding day.  

I think it's been a pretty fabulous 6 years with Chris and I look forward to many many more together.  Happy Anniversary Chris!


Diane Hill said...

Happy Anniversary!

Rochelle said...

Love the beach pics each year. Happy anniversary!