Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is REALLY Here! (Part II)

This weekend was another busy weekend for us, but when you spend so much time celebrating that the holidays are here, it feels ok to be running from one place to another.  Yesterday, the Special Olympics put on a really awesome event called the Jingle Jam.  It was so much fun!  They had different rooms set up for different activities and my kids just went from one room to another in excitement.  

One of our most fun things we did yesterday was visit with Santa.  Part of why this year is turning out to exceed all of my expectations is because both kids are talking a lot about Santa, they absolutely love the Christmas tree, and really seem to understand some of the traditions behind this season.  Colin has been talking about Santa a lot so I have really been talking up seeing Santa with hopes that he would be ok going up to him.  When Colin and Kailey discovered what room Santa was in, they very excitedly ran into the room, but would only say hi from afar.  It took several trips into the room for Colin to be comfortable enough to go up to him, and once he did, there was no looking back.  Kailey, on the other hand, was not happy to sit on Santa's lap, but was completely OK getting close enough to get her "gift" from Santa.  

In the big gym area, they had Miss Amy's Kids Band and she was awesome!  The kids had such a great time singing and dancing with her that we stayed for both of her shows.  Seriously, I am curious at her cost for birthday parties because it would make for one fun birthday party!

They also had an area set up for storytelling and arts and crafts where Colin got a Santa tattoo on his hand.  Coincidentally, the little boy to the left of Colin in this picture is the same little boy we randomly ran into on the boardwalk this summer.  I enjoyed catching up with his Mom and Dad too!

It was such a fun day and another exciting way to get ready for the holidays!

And to add to the excitement of the day, Colin ate 5-6 solid bites of a banana!  


Seans Dad said...

I'm grinning ear to ear! So happy for ALL of you

Deborah said...

So fun!