Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day in the Life

Things around here have been pretty crazy lately.  I feel like we run from one thing to the next and one doctor to the next to check on this and that.  These kids sure keep us busy!

Despite our wonderful positive progress in the area of walking, we are a bit discouraged when it comes to other areas with Colin.  On our roller coaster ride of feeding challenges, we are currently chugging uphill very slowly again.  For the past week, Colin is basically refusing breakfast (seems to only eat if we force it by spoon feeding him) and the ever favorite pancake is ultimately being refused (although tonight he did ok if we weren't paying attention to him).  

As always, these feeding struggles could be related to stubbornness, stomach issues, or generally not feeling well (he has been very mucousy lately).  It's just tough when you feel like you make progress and then start heading in the opposite direction again.  I was so excited the other day when Colin's teacher told me he ate Jello at school and LOVED it.  I went out, bought Jello, and when I tried to give it to him, you would have thought he was strapped onto a chair being tortured.  He wanted NOTHING to do with it.  So, we trudge along.  

My other thing that I will admit has made me feel a bit bummy lately has to do with Colin's communication struggles.  Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy with how far he has come, and he is "talking" so much lately. However, I do feel we face some behavior issues because he can't adequately communicate his feelings, needs, wants, etc. and frustration (on both sides) because we don't understand what he is trying to say to us.  When we are in our bubble at home, we see so much progress in this area, but then we spend time with other children Colin's age, or see him interact at school, and realize just how far behind he is.  In the grand scheme of things, this delay does not bother me in the sense of comparing, it's just that I want HIM to be able to communicate effectively for his benefit.  This bumminess doesn't shadow the positiveness (don't you worry about that!) but you know, it's always hard to see things your child isn't doing and worry, want, etc.  

Now Kailey on the other hand, whew, is she a crazy girl getting into EVERYTHING!  She sure is adventuresome and knows EXACTLY when she is doing something she isn't supposed to.  She just looks at you with that sweet as pie look and continues right along with what she is doing.  Today we made our first visit to a pediatric dentist to check on the "snaggle" that she created last week.

Long story short, FORTUNATELY, the tooth is not fractured near the bone so that is not the cause of the looseness.  However, the x-ray (which she was SO cooperative proud of her!) showed that the tooth is pretty far out of it's original location, so he can't guarantee that it won't eventually die and fall out sooner than it's supposed to.  In the meantime, we just continue to check on the tooth with him and make sure everything seems Ok.  Thankfully there is no pulling of the tooth anytime soon (unless something warrants it). Silly girl.


Rochelle said...

Sorry for the uphill struggles. So glad Kailey's tooth is ok.

Dayna said...

Whenever you talk about Colin's eating habits you could be describing Luke's as well. His teacher tells me he loved something they gave him to eat....I buy it and he acts like I am handing him chopped liver to eat. :)
I give him good vitamins and supplements and just hope as Luke gets older his diet will improve and expand.

Jenny said...

I am thinking Russell's behavior has a lot to do with his lack of communication skills as well...Being able to communicate his basic needs to me is one thing (because he can do that) Its when he is throwing a fit for no reason that he cannot tell me how he feels that its frustrating. So I know how you feel there.

Glad to hear Kaileys tooth is not as bad off as it could be.

Suze said...

So glad that Kailey is niece had a similar thing happen with her tooth on her first birthday. She did eventually have to have the tooth pulled when she was 3 years old, but her adult teeth came in fine. Of course, she needs braces, which runs in the family - nothing to do with the snaggle tooth! As for Colin's eating challenges, if it makes you feel any better, Tommy is a very selective eater. We have a limited menu that he eats from...chicken nuggets being the fave...or cereal bars...and the never refused yogurt. He does love his fruit, but honestly, I feel like we have about 10 items that rotate through meals. We just added mini muffins, which he can't get enough of. And Tommy eats MUCH better at daycare than at home. I dread mealtimes at home!

Christine said...

Did you ever think about an Ipad for Colin. you should check it out. I am so glad that I got one for Jonathon. He is doing amazing now. The 4-5 word sentences just blow me away! you can always email me if you want more info or I am on facebook too. Colin and Kailey are so cute together.

Jenni said...

My new favorite word of the week: bumminess. And to use it in a sentence, I hope your bumminess is shortlived and your house is full of toothy grins, full bellies and patient communicators.

Melissa said...

I know Colin has had feeding struggles for quite a while, but man those eating habits of his are just like Claire's right now. She's always been a great eater...until the last 4-6 months. Now, she'll hardly eat anything. No breakfast, no favorites like yogurt or applesauce. We had about 3 weeks where she would only eat a few bites of dinner, and only while sitting on my lap. Hope this is short lived for both our kiddos as it is HARD.