Monday, November 28, 2011

Even Closer!

I always thought that I wouldn't do a post about Colin standing and walking until he was really walking. Like, no question, walking.
However, I never knew I would be THIS excited over each of the little steps that are leading up to the day he is just going to take off. When I got to school to pick up Colin, his one teacher (who has been working hard with him too) excitedly told me that while she was walking with Colin today he let go, and took 5 steps independently!

He is standing up in the middle of the floor (only when HE wants to) and I just feel that we are so close.

We have literally been waiting a solid year and a half for this and the feeling of getting closer is amazing...

We just might have the best Christmas gift ever this year!


Jenny said...

Aw Kelli, this is so exciting!! Colin is doing such a great job!! Russell seems to be at the exact same stage as Colin right now so I know how excited and proud you are :)...I still tear up every time I see Russell take steps.

Loved the little video...And the perfect song to go with it :)...Colin is going to be a full time walker in no time!

Nana said...

Woo hoo Colin!! What a big boy!!!

balletgirl913 said...

Way to go Colin !!!!

Jennie said...

WTG, Colin!
Is he a lefty?