Sunday, May 15, 2011

Every Day

I think about Down Syndrome every day. It's not always for the same reason, or necessarily BECAUSE of Colin, but it does cross my mind at some point every day.

My first week back to school, it crossed my mind because I overheard teachers and other staff members during our NJ ASK standardized testing talk about how their special education students who were receiving extra help because of their diagnoses did not do well, or they felt bad for them because they had no idea what the questions were asking, etc. It made my stomach turn because I wondered if one day, someone was going to be talking about feeling bad for Colin because he wasn't doing well on his standardized tests, or because he was really struggling.

I thought about it in church today when our Pastor did a sermon on having faith and seeing God, even in the worst situations and it reminded me of his visit to us the day Colin's diagnosis was confirmed.

I thought it about it on Friday in school when one of my students said that something was the "R" word and I told him that he shouldn't be using that word (as I do with any word that is hurtful and inappropriate). At the end of class he came up and apolgized and told me that it was insensitive of him to say that (I told my students about Colin at the beginning of the year as I talked about their useage of certain words). It took me off guard, but I was so proud that he realized his actions were hurtful.

I thought about it when we were visiting a friend who is in a rehabilition center and another patient wanted to see Colin up close because he used to work with "them". He told us that "they" are highly intelligent. Yep, I definitely thought about it that day!

I thought about it in the grocery store when Colin waved hi and blew kisses at almost every person we passed. He brought so many smiles to so many faces.

There are times that thinking about Down Syndrome are for reasons that are bother me, upset me, or make me worry. More times than not, I think about it because of how Down syndrome has changed my life.

I am more aware.

I am more patient.

I am more blessed.

I think about Down Syndrome because I am proud of Colin for who he is and for how hard he works. He is so close to walking independently so tonight I was thinking about it because I can't wait for the feeling of when he takes his first steps...alone. He is so close, but I am patient and I will clap and cry and jump for joy the day it happens. It will be well worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately how incredibly fortunate your children are to have a mom who is so aware and willing to learn and grow and be the best mom she can be?! If not, it's all so very, very true, Kelli! :)

Adrienne said...

So sweet Kelli! I think about it every day as well. For different reasons like you.

We will be clapping, crying and jumping right along with you when Colin takes his first steps!! Can't wait to see it!

Team Carter Jay said...

EXCELLENT post! I think about Carter's diagnosis every single day too. We are more blessed to live in our new state of awareness

Jennie said...

Great post, Kelli.
(and very cool that your student humbled himself to apologize)

Patti said...

This is such a sweet post. Off topic-I just noticed in the photo of Kailey in your header- she looks EXACTLY like you!! I don't think I've ever seen a baby look so much like her mommy!

viv said...

Great post Kelli, I don't get many days off thinking about Down Syndrome either.
Have to say just how much your cuties Colin and Kailey look alike in your header, it must be so hard to leave them for work !
love .v

Jenny said...

Excellent post! I feel the same way, Down syndrome crosses my mind at some point or another, every single day. Colin has such a beautiful smile...Love your header pictures of the kids!

Wren said...

I loved this post! I too think about Ds everyday but it's not in the "sad" way I use to think about it.

Nana said...

What a great post!!