Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Cool Is This?

How considerate is my husband? I am saddened by the fact that I can not attend the majority of Colin's therapies anymore because of my new job, but it's a trade off because I get so much more time in general with him.

Chris knows how I have been feeling about the therapy lately, so he did this for me...

thinking i'd try to "tweet" "blog" the Speech Therapy...

started out by waking his mouth and hands... on the mouth she "rubbed" his cheeks, jaw and tried to get IN his mouth, but he wasn't having that - she said he's definately teething cuz she could feel bumps. Vibration on his lips before he eats would be huge too - see if he'll let you do the zvibe on them...

started playing with shapes - and she ENUNCIATES everything and tries to get him to follow her lead.

now playing with cookie monster... while working on signs and mouth movements... he just mimicked AHHH to open Cooke monster's mouth - and she that is so huge - mimicking a sound on command is great!

she just said, he's doing so well this morning... onto the gumball machine - working on B sounds, including ball

onto BUBBLES!!! Bah bah bah...pop pop pop... he just laid back into the boppy pillow and SAT UP on his own TWICE, now three times, 4, 5... he keeps flopping back though, and i'm not sure why... 6x - they are playing with animal blocks

sounded like he just did the ahhh for open, and hah for hop

he's up to 10-12 situps... he's gonna be TIRED ... he just mimicked a cough... she just opened the chicken block... and there's apparently a mom, and baby chkicken in it... she said, here's the mama - and he looked around for YOU

amy was just winking at colin, and he giggled - atta boy!!!!

he is now putting the blocks away into a bag... being a great helper

they are building an ice cream cone, and he's just sitting there staring at it with his mouth open - so funny!! ice cream is cold , brrrrrrrrrrrr... the cone thing is good for him - she got it at target. she said that marshall's has a good educational toy section - especially around the holidays - boutique type toys then

she just said HIS MOUTH IS WATERING - from the ice cream cone!! guess he deserves some tonight!

finishing up... he did excellent, great day... imitating more and more each week - he's on his way - gonna be a great talker

she suggested you buy those veggie sticks and grahma crackers for colin to use during therapy

occupational therapy:

i had asked regina last week about colin's banging his chin or head, and she thought about it over the week... she said she doessn't think its a sensory thing for him, but more behavioral, and to treat it like a behavior thing, which means saying NO, and taking him out of the situation/position.

she started by brushing him, then sat in high chair to try lil foods again - wanted nothing to do with it... seems tired after Speech... she then took a weekly pill box, and put lil animals in each day to get him to pick them out. she seems to think that he lacks "strength" in the 2 fingers which is why he uses the whole hand to pick up... work on trying to isolate the 2 fingers and picking up...

wouldn't use right hand at all to pick up

now on floor playing and doing some weight bearing exercises... she has him on the boppy in 'tummy time' position and doing reaching, grabbing and putting in a bucket

playing with an aligators mouth, and isolating the index finger to push down its teeth individually... both hands

working with different toys getting him to use certain fingers... playing very well with her, doign very well with imitation with her too

Both Amy and Regina love the bristle blocks, btw

regina working with bubbles now too... hoping he isolates finger to pop the bubble...

And sometimes I get pictures/videos as well. I am lucky to have such a considerate husband!


Jorie said...

We knew we loved that guy for a reason ;)

Rochelle said...

That was sweet, what a great hubby! And great job Colin.
Hope this week is going well for you.

Kristin said...

Wow. Nice!

Penny said...

that is AMAZING! awesome! what a sweet and thoughtful husband!

Runningmama said...

Wow, that's really thoughtful of your hubby! love these pics!

Lacey said...

Thats too cute! My hubby does things I would never thought he'd do since I had Jax!

Kathy said...

SO cool of him! and so play by play too! that's the kind of info a mom missing therapy wants!

Melissa M said...

This is awesome! First of all, I love hearing about others therapy appts, but it's so cool that he kept you in the loop too!