Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Recap Part II

On Saturday, we enjoyed our morning together and then loaded up the car and headed up to north Jersey to my parent's house to spend the day with my family. It was such a beautiful day out that we sat outside for awhile enjoying the weather. Colin tried out the slide that Nana had for him and enjoyed it!

It's so much fun to watch him outside because he is so curious about everything that's around him!We really enjoyed our time together in the great weather!

Later, Uncle Pat and Aunt Kristine gave Colin his snack, but you can see nosey Colin was interested in locating where everyone else was in the room!

Colin had some fun gifts to open! He has a bucket with his name on it now that was filled with fun goodies!He got some new books, cool clothes, his 1st Easter bib, and a rocket ship to paint that is a bird feeder! Colin loves painting so we can't wait to work on it with him!

Just before dinner, we had fun dying Easter eggs! I forgot how much I missed dying eggs!

We enjoyed a great dinner together! It's funny to see our table packed in with people (we missed you Uncle Timmy!) as our family continues to grow and grow. There is so much love packed in to one dining room!

On Easter morning, Colin got a special delivery from the Easter bunny! He enjoyed going through his "basket" to find all of the goodies that were in it! Grandad made a delicious breakfast for all of us...

...and then they posed for some pictures with the handsome little boy!

What a great time we had!


Emily said...

I found your blog through common blog friends. What a darling little boy you have! My little man will be 2 May 1st!

Kelly said...

Awww, Kelli, looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your family:) Colin looks like he had tons of fun! Wow, he's getting so big:) Love these pics!

Nana said...

It was so much fun!! Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. DeYoung you had a slide to play on!! GREAT! The weather was perfect!! Love, Nana