Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cody's End of Year Show

Last night was Cody's end of the year show that his daycare puts on every year. It is usually set to a theme and involves the oldest classes in the school. They spend many days practicing with the students to prepare for the night and always put on such a great night with all of the kids. We were SO PROUD of Cody for how great of a job that he did and once again were reminded of just how thankful we are to have found a place that cares for our kids the way they do. Last night was their 32nd time they put on an end of the year show! I was also reminded last night just how much Cody has grown and changed over the past school year. Ages 2-3 with him has been pretty challenging to say the least but we are very slowly seeing how much he is maturing and how much this added maturity is changing him into a different person. 

The show last night was an "I Love the 80s" theme with some of my favorite 80s songs. The kids came walking in and then started the show with the pledge, "Proud to be an American", "I Want Candy" and "Walking on Sunshine". We could tell right away how much Cody was into the show and his personality was shining through right from the beginning. I was honestly expecting more of a timid/shy Cody but he very pleasantly surprised me and he was so much fun to watch.

Cody's class then did their song to Flashdance "What a Feeling" and it was so much fun!

Cody also came out walking the sign to introduce one of the next classes that followed his group.

Finally, to end the night, each student in each class was announced and then they ended with "We are the World" which they exited the stage to. It really was a fun night and I greatly enjoyed watching Cody have his night to shine, especially since he is always attending everyone else's events. 

We were so proud of Cody and we celebrated him with ice cream!

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