Thursday, March 15, 2018

Daddy Daughter Date

It has become a tradition now for the past few years for Chris to take Kailey on a date around her birthday. It is something that she looks forward to every year and it is very clear to me that she recognizes how special it is. She talked about it for days leading up to it and then smiled so much following the night. 

This year, Chris came home from work and while he was getting ready Kailey told him she wanted to dress him for their date (this was after she picked out her outfit herself; she INSISTED on wearing high heels).  He had mentioned to her he already had an idea but she thought it would be best if he wore church pants, a church shirt, and a tie (all of which she then proceeded to pick out). 

He then snuck out of the house and came back around to ring the doorbell (which she loved) with the flowers he had picked up for her.

They had a  great night together and I love the fact that Chris is teaching her just how she should be treated...

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