Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Owl

Prior to Christmas, we received a notice home from school that they would be doing the holiday shop once again so that the students would have an opportunity to shop for family members and have it wrapped when shopping. On the form, you select a price range and specifically who you wanted your children shopping for and that would aid the volunteers in guiding them towards a gift in the price range they were allotted. The holiday shop was going to span 2-3 days and so I sent in the forms with Colin and Kailey each with $10 to cover two siblings.  

Kailey went with her class on the first day and came home with gifts for Colin, Cody, me, and Chris and me together as well as $5 in change. She hid the gifts with the babysitter and when I got home, was excited to show me where her hiding spot was. She was also asking what Colin had purchased and when she found out he hadn't gone yet, very excitedly discussed this owl she saw that she just loved and asked Colin to purchase it for her. I explained to her that it's not right to ask him to buy her something (as that is not the whole purpose of Christmas) and that it really was up to Colin to pick something he thought she would like.

From then on that night and the next morning, Colin was adamant that he was going to buy the owl for her. I sent in a note to his teacher telling her that I wasn't sure if the owl fell in the price range, but I was pretty confident he was going to want to buy it for her. I was happy the teacher made a decision that helped us out in letting Colin buy the owl which turned out to be $10 itself because when he got home, he was really excited to tell me that he got her the owl. I had to send in a bit more money the next day for him to get something for Cody.

It made us laugh in the end the price differential among the gifts and even harder when we realized that Kailey's gift for Colin was a rubber ducky. However, nothing could take away from the joy we saw on Colin's face by giving Kailey a gift she loves or the joy on her face because of receiving something from Colin that made her so happy.