Monday, November 7, 2016

A Trip to the ER

Last week we took an unexpected trip to the emergency room when Colin fell out of our parked car backwards. We had just gotten home from school and like I always do, I opened both sets of sliding doors. While I was unstrapping Cody, Colin (according to Kailey) was trying to climb up on his car seat while pulling up on the side of the roof at the same time. He must have slipped during the climb and fell out backwards. As I rounded the car, he was laying on the ground and while he was conscious, he wasn't answering me. He was trying to sit up so I went to pick him up and he was totally limp in my arms. His eyes were wider than I've ever seen and he was looking around as though he couldn't see anything. After a short period of time, he finally started crying and was more "with it". The only thing he was really complaining about was the back of his head and most especially, over his neck. I had to laugh when we pulled in the parking lot because he stopped crying, smiled all big and said, "see mom! I'm all better!".

While we were at the emergency room, Colin was the best little patient just like he always is when visiting the doctor. They needed to put him in a collar and get an x-ray and he cooperated through each part. Thankfully, we were much relieved to find out that he was completely ok. Once all was said and done, and Chris and I were able to relax a little, we laughed a bit thinking just how "normal" this was that Colin was just doing a very typical little boy thing in climbing while getting out of the car. Let's just hope next times "normalness" doesn't result in a trip to the ER.  

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AZ Chapman said...

Glad he is ok. I have missed you. I have to take a fb break per my parents request